Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the General Synod


The Executive Committee exercises the day-to-day supervision of the Church for the General Synod, shall supervise the conduct of the office of Presiding Bishop and shall assure that all matters requiring the attention of the entire General Synod or College of Bishops are brought to the College’s attention.


The Executive Committee may act in all matters pertaining to the temporal operation of the national Church which do not require a vote of the College of Bishops or the General Synod as defined in this Constitution. A report and review of all actions of the Executive Committee shall be made available at the Plenary Sessions of the General Synod.


Minutes of each meeting of the Executive Committee shall be maintained and provided to the College of Bishops within 30 days of such meetings.


Action on matters before the Executive Committee shall be taken on simple majority vote of its members.


Any member of the General Synod may request that any action by the Executive Committee be overruled or modified by requesting that the matter be submitted to a vote of the entire General Synod.


Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be as frequent as conditions warrant. Meetings may be conducted by phone, person, e-mail, social networking platforms, virtual meetings or a combination of these means.

Membership of the Executive Committee

Certain offices of the UACC are ex-officio and permanent members of the Executive Committee. Permanent membership on the Executive Committee pertains to the office and not to the person who may, at any time, hold that office.

Ex-officio permanent members are:

(a)     The Presiding Bishop — who is the Chair of the Committee

(b)     The Chancellor of the UACC — who is the Vice-Chair of the Committee

(c)     The Administrative Secretary of the UACC

(d)     The Treasurer of the UACC

(e)   The Director of Vocations of the UACC

Certain Members of the Executive Committee are elected to serve on the Committee. Such elected members shall be elected to this duty at regular sessions of the General Synod. Their term of office is 2 calendar years from date of election and shall coincide with the regular meetings of the Synod. Elected Members are:

(a)     A representative of the College of Bishops, who is not already an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee, elected by majority vote of the College of Bishops

(b)     A representative from the Clergy in the Holy Orders of Deacon or Presbyter, elected by the members of the Clergy in those Orders.

(c) A representative from the Laity of the UACC.

(d) The Director of Vocations

All members of the Executive Committee shall be considered voting members except in the case of the Laity filling positions other than Laity Representative. The Presiding Bishop shall not vote except in the case of a tie.

The Current Executive Committee of the UACC


Most Rev. Anthony Hash, OSB



Vice Chair

Most Rev. Tom Shortell, OSFC




Rev. Friar Jim Dunn, OSFC




Most Rev. Anthony Hash, OSB (Acting Treasurer)



Bishop Representative



Clergy Representative



Vocations Director

Rev. Friar Don Pratt, OSFC



Lay Representative

Adam Poole